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Sex Education

Sex Coaching

Sexual Wellness Products

Sex Education

Sex Coaching

Sexual Wellness Products

Sex Education

Sex Coaching

Sexual Wellness Products

Sex Education

Sex Coaching

Sexual Wellness Products

We Are…

Lady Luxxxe is a sexual wellness brand committed to the education, empowerment and evolvement of women’s sexuality. Through shows, podcasts, events and products we strive to make women’s sexual wellness a thing of pride and beauty.

More than a CBD Line

Quickies With Myi

The Sex – Ed Podcast

Join Sexpert Myi Matthews as she gives sex education in 5 minutes each day. From tips on achieving orgasm all the way to signs of a yeast infection, Myi explains it all.

Luxxxe TV Network

Luxxxe TV Is a digital television network that produces and distributes content made by women of color. Our shows and programming are centered around the personal development of women in the areas of lifestyle, emotional wellness, sexuality and beauty. Our main focus is highlighting luxury experience.

Good Luxxxe –

Sex, Life and Luxury

Join Myi as she explores the finer things in life, sexuality and wellness. From resorts to CBD Spa’s and everything in between, you can be sure to find something to elevate the way you experience womanhood.

Check out the latest teasers.

Toy Luxxxe

Watch as Natasha Sanchez gives us a look at some new and really fun toys to gift this holiday season.

Laugh In Luxxxe

A quick look into our time with Shabaz, a hilarious comic from Houston.

Luxxxe Birthing

We visit with Terhea Harris to learn more about the childbirth luxuries.

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The Lady Luxxxe Mobile App is your one stop shop for Sexual Education Videos & Podcasts, Counseling, Therapy, Affirmations and CBD Sexual Wellness Products for women of color, by women of color.

Sex Education

Learn more about your body, repoductive system and sexuality through videos, podcasts and more.

Find Therapists

Find and book African American therapists, sex coaches, counselors and other mental health practitioners.


The Line Up!

Lady Luxxxe Mobile App

Luxxxe TV Channel

Good Luxxxe Tv Show

Quickies With Myi Podcast

Morning Affirmations

Sexual Wellness Products

Lady Luxxxe Latest Sex Advice, Articles & Press

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With Myi

We want to help others experience what great things can happen when you start your day with positivity and speak greatness over yourself.

I’ve created Mornings With Myi as a repeat -after- me pep talk, that walks you though speaking abundance, happiness and joy onto you.

Try it for a week and see how you feel…Share this with anyone who could use help smiling and prospering.

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